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lenkaate is a Digital marketing company that provides integrated and effective digital marketing services that aim to achieve brand awareness according to a strategy that ensures that you appear effectively in the target market and reach customers correctly through various digital marketing channels at costs that suit your budget.

UK Company Registration No. 14913292

We always believe that continuing at the top for commercial entities requires a lot of development in thought, in methodology, in the services provided, so we at Lenkaate as a digital marketing company offer with thought, methodology and professionalism a set of new and advanced services that we strive to write the new electronic culture and reach it to the top of service providers regionally and globally To continue Lenkaate as the best provider of services for building websites, stores, blogs and landing pages on various content management systems and using special programming in addition to building mobile applications, graphic works, design, SEO, Social Media Services, Googles Ads Services and  video and animation Services, to enrich the Arab and foreign market and provide these services at the highest quality levels that our customers are accustomed to.

Lenkaate mission

lenkaate as a digital marketing Company supports its customers in all countries in achieving spread through various digital marketing platforms and building an integrated community for them via the Internet, which guarantees them achieving profitability effectively by providing a variety of marketing services and digital solutions – in addition to providing website design services and mobile applications that Help companies build their brand, which puts our customers at the front with a team equipped with integrated expertise in analysis, planning and follow-up.

Lenkaate vision

When it comes to digital marketing services, lenkaate, as an e-marketing company, will be your first choice. We start our journey with you by understanding the needs of the target market and customers to help you develop your brand and achieve your marketing goals successfully. We also believe that achieving success means dedication to work, and continuing success means more perseverance in Dedication, so we in lenkaate as digital marketing company continue to be honored to serve you non-stop, and strive with all available capabilities to reach the summit in the fields of specialization in order to satisfy customers ..

What distinguishes lenkaate from others

Building trust in your brand

We are working to build a trustworthy commercial identity for you and create a distinctive space for you among your competitors, and we are keen on the appearance of your services and products in a way that highlights their advantages and befits the usual quality.

Reach potential customers

We mainly target the category that your services and products want to reach and that is of interest to your organization, and we are keen to choose customers in line with your goals and development plan, and we are working to reach new customers and promote your brand on a larger scale.

Improve return on investment

We know very well the institutions’ keenness to raise the rate of return on investment, expansion and development in the company’s activity, in order to ensure attracting more customers, increasing profits, and reaching your services and products to the largest possible number of target groups.

Analyzing business & competitors

The first step in developing a well-thought-out strategy is the accurate understanding and analysis of competitors, and before a good study of your business and all that it offers; Therefore, we are keen to study your services and analyze your competitors to ensure that you catch up with the competition and accommodate the market requirements.

Integrated marketing strategy

Walking in clear and deliberate steps is one of the most important ways to achieve the goals of your facility; Therefore, we are working on creating strategic and marketing plans that will pave the way for you and guarantee you access. These plans have been prepared as a result of long experience and experience in various areas of digital marketing.

Track results OF performance reports

Working according to plans and strategies requires periodic follow-up and verification of results on an ongoing basis to ensure adherence to the plan and schedule, as well as the presence of reports to follow up on performance and work to improve it.

At Lenkaate We are here to help your business take off strong

At Lenkaate Our curiosity is our first flame in knowing everything. Our staff in lenkaate as a digital marketing company is excruciatingly curious, likes to learn about their field and new interesting people to work with, too – they’re curious to know you. Do not be just a visitor number registered on the site without contacting us


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