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Websites, Online stores, and landing pages have become an essential factor for the success of any institution or company. They are no longer just a luxury for large institutions. Rather, they are an urgent necessity, especially for small, medium and emerging companies, due to their strong need to build their reputation and build trust with their customers, and to introduce their customers to the services and products they provide. At the same time, it is necessary to have an attractive and smart website design, in addition to a complete control panel, which helps increase your sales and attract more customers, and this is what Lenkaate offers.

Professional services with high quality, latest technology and international standards

Developing informational and service websites

lenkaate provides the development of informational and service websites with the best designs and technologies, which makes your website smart, easy and attractive to your customers with a very easy control panel to control your content and manage it professionally, which results in customers benefiting from what you offer easily and thus increasing the sales of your product or services , And since we have experiences that make us one of the best web design companies, it was necessary to provide our services to a large number of clients, and this is a result of gaining their trust by performing our work in the best ways and the best technologies.

Developing E-Commerce websites

Nowadays most companies are interested in having an E-commerce website through which they can display their products with easy way, which greatly helps in achieving profit, and because setting up a site requires continuous follow-up and permanent development, it makes you need a specialized person to follow up with you We offer you the service of establishing the store from scratch in an attractive and easy way to use it to suit your target audience, we also provide you with all the designs you need in addition to make the site available in more than one language if your activity targets customers from different countries.

professional landing pages that match your marketing strategies

Many techniques and tools are used today to improve online advertising and marketing campaigns and achieve the best desired results. Landing pages are one of the most important techniques used. Landing pages help marketers and e-store owners achieve many of their marketing goals, which are mainly trying to attract new potential customers. continuously.

Design steps

We design and develop mobile applications and provide unique and attractive designs to attract company clients and develop applications and programming them with the latest technologies and different languages to reach attractive, smart and easy interfaces so that any customer can deal with applications without boredom or difficulty in order to continue the longest possible period on the application to obtain the required services and thus the company can delivery of their services and products to the ease of customers.

1- Analysis

In the beginning, we analyze your site and its requirements and the most prominent competitors in the same field to reach the best unique vision in terms of design...etc

2- Planning

We start by making the site planning from all sides and displaying the initial model of the site and examples of previous work for the client to obtain his opinion

3- Development

We start with the executive steps of designing the site in line with the user experience and using the best add-ons in the market rated for content management systems

4- Testing

We start doing a final test on the site in terms of design, speed and the way the content is presented, and then we deliver it to the customer

Our Advantages

We provide the required diversity of website designs and website development whether it is diversity in design, presentation, colors, or even the development of programming languages for the websites and permanent distinction for each individual client, so that your website is completely different from any other company, which gives an intelligent and special character to your website.

Professional designs

We design websites in the latest style of professional designs

Work Manship

We apply standard standards in the design of all websites and stores.

Website Speed

Our sites enjoy a high loading speed and response speed with the best possible performance

Compatible with all screens

All websites designed by us are compatible with all computers, mobiles and tablets

Compatible with browsers

All our designs are compatible with all browser programs such as “Chrome - Firefox .. etc.”


We create multilingual websites if desired

Full protection

We secure your site against protection and various hacking operations.

Future Development

The design of your site will be available for development after that, if you wish

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Why You Should Have A Website, E-commerce Stores Or landing page ?

The website shows the credibility of your brand

“Where is your official website?” This is the first question you hear when you introduce your business to people. The fact is that people have become smarter these days. They think about it 10 times before making a business decision. If more than 30% of people don’t have a website, they won’t even consider doing business. Therefore, if you want people to believe that your business is credible.

Easy access to companies with websites

This is one of the main reasons why companies need a website. When buying a product or service, most people like a business that is easy to access and can be contacted at any time. When most people interact with companies, more than 63% of customers use the company’s official website. The main reason for this is that on the website, they can find all the information about your business, namely who you are, what services you sell and how to contact you. In addition, the official website also provides you with 24/7 service. Therefore, they can contact you at any time of the day. This provides another reason why your business needs a custom website. This website allows consumers to easily contact you and purchase your products or services. They can visit your website and make purchases at any time. You can even track customers on the website.

Better understanding

Websites can help you build strong and lasting relationships with customers. How is this going:
1. A website makes you look trustworthy. This can build initial trust in customers and inspire them to do business with you.
2. When creating a website, we consider all the important aspects of users, such as what users like and the features that make them stay. This helps provide a great user experience.
Therefore, with a website, you can build trust among customers and provide them with a seamless user experience. Therefore, they stay and come back. This is how you can get loyal customers who support you and help you grow, and this is another important reason why you should contact a web design and web development agency to have a website to start.

Your website can display your products/services in the best way.

If you want people to buy your product or service, presentations play a vital role. This is important, especially if you are a startup where all customers are important. In this case, it is equally important that we must show our expertise in the best possible way, and having a website can help achieve this goal. It gives you the freedom to create. You can display services in any way you like. You can use beautiful images, short video tutorials and downloadable PDF instructions. The sky is the limit of what you can do. Do you know how all this can help you? Customers get what they want. Therefore, they are always fascinated and do not go shopping elsewhere. Ultimately, this can help you build a loyal customer base.

Website makes your brand more well-known

The truth is that a brand without a website is nothing more than a small boutique. It is not surprising that it sells high-quality products and provides effective services. Not many people can know. Therefore, if you want to make your brand shine and let people know your business.

You can benefit from Google search

Owning a website can also appear in the Google search list, making it easier for customers to find you.Customers have become smarter. They no longer want to waste time doing background checks. On the contrary, they prefer Google. In fact, this is the first thing they do after hearing your brand name. Therefore, if you own a website and complete SEO correctly, it will show up in Google’s top searches. In addition to this, people can also find you using other keywords related to your business. This makes you more and more popular among people, and more and more people are willing to do business with you. Therefore, if you want your startup to be famous and customers can easily find it on Google, create a website. In the long run, this decision will benefit you a lot.

People still judge your credibility by appearance.

More than 75 percent of people have admitted that they judge the credibility of a company by the design of its website. This means that customers are more likely to do business with you if you have an interactive website that keeps them engaged, builds an initial level of trust, and shows that you are credible.

Website is an important part of online marketing.

On the other hand, online marketing is cheaper and more effective. You can use less energy to get more results, so if you want to complete the work faster, it is a better choice. Although online marketing can be an effective option to promote your business, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a website. Think of it as the sun around which all planets revolve. The website will be your final destination, and you will send customers to customers through different channels (such as social media, blogs, email marketing, and video channels).

You can strategically target customers through the website

The number of people visiting your website (regular visitors). 1. The number of people who have only visited your website (unique visitors). 2. The number of times a user has read or visited a page (page views or impressions). 3. The number of people who left without reading their landing page (bounce rate). 4. The time that people visit your website content (average time on site). 5. All these statistics can help you figure out how to strategically target customers. You can learn what kind of content users like and how to improve the user experience to make them persevere. As a result, your website will become better and more people will visit it. Therefore, you should focus on having a good website.

All your competitors already have a website.

There are already thousands of companies selling the same products and services that you will sell, and most companies will also have their own websites.

How will you win them?

You first need to contact The Best Website Design and web Development Company  and have a website. Since there is no one, you are allowing them to rule the market. Of course there are other ways. You can hire a dedicated marketing team and spend a lot of budget on promotions and advertising campaigns. But this will only lead to more effort and higher costs. You can design a website with almost half of your budget. In addition, if you have a website, you have the opportunity to research and incorporate elements that your competitors lack. You can benefit from your weaknesses.


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