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Welcome to Lenkaate , here are the terms and conditions that pertain to your use and access to the site and all pages, links, tools and features derived from it. Your use of the Lenkaate site is your agreement to accept the terms and conditions of this agreement, which includes all the details listed below, and it is a confirmation of your commitment to comply with the content of this agreement of  Lenkaate. Lenkaate , hereinafter referred to as the “Company” and in connection with your use of the Website, hereinafter referred to as the “Use Agreement” and this Agreement shall be effective if you accept the option to consent.

– Membership of the site is granted only to those over the age of 18, and the company has the right to cancel the account of any member who has not reached 18 years of age with the obligation to liquidate his financial accounts immediately upon closing the account
No one has the right to use the site after canceling his membership
– In the event that any user registers as a business, his business will be bound by all of the terms and conditions of this agreement
The user must comply with all applicable laws regulating online commerce
– No member or institution has the right to open two accounts at the same time for any reason, and the site management has the right to freeze the two accounts or cancel one of them with the obligation to liquidate all financial transactions related to the account before closing it
Account and registration obligations:

When you submit an application to register for membership on the site, you are required to disclose specific information and choose a user name and a secret password to use when entering the site. When you accept the registration request, you will be considered a member of the site and thus you have agreed to the following:

You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account information and password and for determining the persons allowed to access and use your account on the site, and thus agree to immediately inform the company of any unauthorized use of your password or account or any other breach of your confidential information
– The company will not be liable in any way for any loss that you may suffer directly or indirectly, morally or materially, as a result of disclosing your username or password information.
You are fully responsible for maintaining the use of the company’s website in all seriousness and credibility, and you are obligated to compensate the company for any direct or indirect losses that may be incurred by the company as a result of an illegal, real or authorized use of your account by you or by any other person who obtained access keys to Your account on the site, whether it is to perform services or others, using your username and password, whether with or without your authorization
You agree to disclose true, correct, up-to-date and complete information about yourself as required in the Company’s registration form
The company is committed to treating your personal information and contact addresses in strict confidence
You are obligated to maintain and update the registration data periodically to keep it real, correct, current and complete, and if you disclose this or violate what is stated in the user agreement, the company has the full right to suspend, limit or cancel your membership and account from the site, without prejudice to the rights of the other company and their legitimate means to recover their rights
– In the event of non-compliance with any of the above, the company’s management has the right to suspend or cancel your membership and block you from the site, and also reserves the right to cancel any unconfirmed and unproven accounts, operations or accounts that have been inactive for a long period of time
Email contact:

You agree to be contacted via e-mail, or by broadcasting promotional advertisements on the site, and you agree that all agreements, advertisements, data and other communications that you provide electronically serve as their written counterparts, in meeting the legal needs
During your membership period, the company will send promotional emails to inform you of any changes, procedures or new promotional activities that may be added to the site.
– You have the right as a user to confirm that you do not want to receive promotional emails, and you can opt out of receiving such messages by clicking on the “Request not to receive promotional messages” option, which you will find at the bottom of the promotional and advertising messages that you receive on your email, as stated in the policies
Amendments to the usage agreement and working mechanisms:

You know and agree that the Company will notify you of any amendment to the User Agreement, whereby your obligations will be doubled or your rights will be diminished in accordance with any modifications that may be made to the User Agreement.
You know and agree that the company, in its absolute capacity and without bearing any legal responsibility, may make basic or subsidiary amendments to this agreement without requiring additional consent from you, at any time and with immediate effect, by broadcasting an announcement of the amendment on the site.
The Company also reserves the right to take any necessary actions or steps, including but not limited to legal claims, to collect due fees or appropriate taxes and expenses.
Personal information and transaction details information:

You have no objection to granting the company an unlimited, global, permanent, irrevocable, exempt from expenses and licensed right to use information or personal materials or otherwise that you provided to us on the site and/or announced through the site through registration, making a purchase, or otherwise, and that Through the designated forms for communication and registration, or via any email – or any of the communication channels available on the site, in order to operate and promote the site in accordance with the use agreement and the privacy policy agreement.
You are the only one responsible for the information that you send or publish, and the role of the company is limited to allowing you to display this information on the pages of the site and through its advertising channels.
Requests and information prohibited from circulating during the use of the site:

No user is allowed to request, trade, publish, comment, use information or make requests that are not permitted in the Arab Republic of Egypt according to the laws and regulations of the state, especially the laws and regulations in force in the Ministry of Home Affairs.

The Egyptian Cell and all concerned ministries, such as (but not limited to):

Materials prohibited by law
Porn videos and any programs related to pornography, including sexual innuendo
Insulting a sovereign country would harm its interests
Religious abuse of all monotheistic religions, beliefs, or private ideas

In this case, if any transactions mentioned in the seventh clause of the use agreement take place, the company will not accept/complete work on this request with a refund of the amount paid after deducting the prescribed tax
You represent, warrant and guarantee that you:

You are 18 years or older.
You are the only and legally exclusive beneficiary of all transactions that take place through the site.
You will comply with all applicable local and international laws in this regard, as well as the applicable provisions regarding the use of the site.
To operate within the site’s policy of maintaining the privacy of contact information and communication, you will not disclose the details of your contact information and addresses, including phone numbers, postal addresses and electronic addresses.
We will not collect information about other users, including their e-mail addresses and other means of communication.
You will not disclose or publish any personal information about users, or use it in a manner that may violate their confidentiality, privacy and applicable laws.

All content on the Site, including but not limited to text, graphic designs, logos, button icons, icons, audio clips, digital loads, aggregated data and software, is the property and rights of either the Company or its customers, the creators of such content and its authorized agents. Protected by copyright, trademark, intellectual and creative property rights and laws.
The contents collected on the site are the exclusive property and rights of the company, and are protected by copyright, trademarks, intellectual and creative property rights and laws.

The Company, its owned logos, and other words and logos on the Site, are either registered or unregistered trademarks of the Company, and are protected by other international and intellectual trademark rights and laws.
Damage to the company:

Any problems of any kind in violation of the User Agreement must be reported
If you believe that your intellectual property rights have been infringed, you should contact and inform the company immediately
– If harm is proven to the company, it may resort, without prejudice to its interests and ensuing rights, to limit, stop or block a user’s access to the site and/or cancel his membership or remove his contents on the site
The Company can also take technical and/or legal steps against users who create problems or legal claims of any kind, such as violating the intellectual property rights of third parties or dealing in improper ways with this User Agreement or its contracts
consumer protection:

First: Design, video and websites

Design and modification: The pages of the design request are filled in, including or not including uploading a file, for which the design is available with all the necessary data in the file or by agreement. Each modification after this time is calculated at 30% of the design value.
Time: All orders or works carried out by the company are restricted to a specific time, and take from 3 to 30 working days at most as needed, and the customer has the right to recover his full account if the company defaults on the delivery date.
Refund: Retrieval is referred to as canceling the process, request, or dealing with the services on the site, and the retrieval is free before starting work without deducting any fees or taxes, and the retrieval is after starting work with a discount of 25% of the total amount with Deduction of taxes due, tax on payments, refunds are not valid while the work is completed completely, and the period for refunds is a maximum of 14 working days.
Confidentiality: The company takes measures to protect as stated in the Privacy Policy Agreement from unauthorized person access to and save your personal identity information, knowing that the Internet is not a secure method, and the confidentiality of your personal information cannot be 100% guaranteed, the company will use such as phone number and mail The electronic communication for the completion of the transaction and the payment process or any other operations mentioned in the Privacy Policy Agreement.

Second: digital products

Product purchase: You know and agree that all digital products that you purchase from our website are 100% original, do not contain malicious code and are not GPL, and the amount is paid for one year or more depending on the status of each digital product, you will find the status and details of each product inside the special page with it.
Product activation: You know and agree that all digital products are activated on one site only and you are not entitled to replace this site within only two days of purchasing the digital product and for a maximum of one time.
Product Replacement: You can exchange a digital product for another as long as it has not been activated on your site. If it is activated, it cannot be exchanged at all.
Product Return: The digital product can be returned and refunded if the purchase does not pass a maximum of two days, provided that the product is defective or not compatible with your location, and the refund will be made within a maximum of 14 working days.
Violation of the User Agreement:

The Company may, in accordance with the User Agreement and in accordance with the law, immediately and without liability to temporarily or permanently suspend, limit or withdraw your membership and/or limit or cancel your access to the Site without prejudice to its other rights and legitimate means to recover your rights in the event:

If you violate the User Agreement
If the Company determines that your activity on the Site may cause legal problems for you, other users, or the Company
– You may resort to shirk

According to its assessment, to reinstate the activity of the suspended users, as the user who has permanently banned his activity or withdrew his membership, may not be able to register or attempt to register on the site, or use the site in any way, whatever the circumstances, until he is allowed to re-activity on the site, and any Losses and damages you caused to the company have the right to take legal measures and/or resort to the courts of the Arab Republic of Egypt to file a criminal case against you as the company deems appropriate.
Your or others’ violation of the User Agreement does not obligate the Company to waive its right to take appropriate action for such and other similar acts of violation, and the Company does not guarantee that it will take action against all violations of the User Agreement
Cancellation of access and/or membership:

Without prejudice to your other rights and your legitimate means to recover your rights, the Company can suspend or cancel your membership and/or access to the Site at any time without notice and for any reason without limitation, and may terminate this User Agreement.

You agree to provide the Company, its directors, employees and agents with safety and protection from any damage they may suffer as a result of claims, losses, malfunctions, costs and expenses that may occur due to your violation of the User Agreement or your breach of any law or amendments.
General Provisions:

If any paragraph in this User Agreement is invalid or canceled or is for any reason no longer in force, such a paragraph does not revoke the validity of the rest of the paragraphs contained in the Agreement, and this Agreement (which is amended from time to time according to its terms) sets all the broad lines of understanding And the agreement between you and the company with regard to the following:

No person who is not a party to this User Agreement has the right to impose any terms or conditions therein
Governing Law and Legislation:

– This user agreement is governed and formulated according to the law of the Arab Republic of Egypt, and it is completely and completely subject to the legislation in force in the Egyptian courts, this paragraph is an alternative to be resorted to in the event that this user agreement expires or is canceled for any reason. if you need any help just contact us


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