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Driving more traffic to your website, mobile app and youtube channel by boosting your rank ahead of competitors is our mission as We have the experience that ensure good archiving for your website on the most famous search engines with correct and best ways to display your website on it.

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our content and seo services

Optimizing your own website for search engines is one of the most important steps in order for your site to appear on the famous search engines and appear in the search results pages resulting from the search of targeted and expected customers for services or products provided by the company and thus ensuring the emergence of the company's website gives very good opportunities to display the services and products of the company Attracting new and targeted customers so lets see our all in one seo services that help your business grow btter.

content Creation

Unique content that’s audience focused for ultimate engagement from Experienced  writers trained to create conversion based content.

Local SEO Services

Local SEO services help to make your business appear at the top when your potential customer searches for you locally online.

Ecommerce SEO Services

Ecommerce SEO is one of the more cost-effective and result-oriented means of attracting more visitors to your online store.

Enterprise SEO Services

Enterprise SEO Services have complexities of its own, but we have great experience in providing enterprise SEO for large businesses.

Link Building Services

at lenkaate We provide you a customized link building strategy that would boost your website traffic and rankings in SERPs

Google Penalty Removal

lenkaate offers its expertise and help you recover your business  from any of the penalties and get you out of danger.

Spam Backlinks Removal

lenkaate offers a complete suite of Spam Backlink Removal services, where we identify and remove bad backlinks.

Citations & Social Signals

We at lenkaae manually create great citations that help your rankings and offer great Premium social signals at great prices.

First Rate Content

Dependable & affordable content that converts.

We are here to write the words for you, to express the idea you have and to make sure your objectives and purposes are clearly explained to those of interest to you. Let us connect your ideas to your market – eloquently . ( type of content do you need: Blog - Surfer Optimized Content - Website Content - Review - Buyers Guide - Category / Product Descriptions - Guest Post )

Local SEO Services

SEO Services to Boost Local Search Visibility

Local SEO services help to make your business appear at the top when your potential customer searches for you locally. Through our Local SEO Strategy, we offer an effective way to mark your local business online. Our Local SEO Agency works to help businesses promote their products & services to local customers at the right time when they are looking for them online. Our focus is to increase your local visibility by doing all the required optimizations that can get you on the map and drive quality organic traffic that translates into increased business.

Ecommerce SEO Services

Grow Your Online Store with Ecommerce SEO Services

An increase in online web traffic enhances the scope of generating more sales, thereby more revenue. Ecommerce SEO is one of the more cost-effective and result-oriented means of attracting more visitors to your online store. More than 50 % of the potential buyers check out for products online, and a good portion of them proceed with online transactions. However, with an increased number of businesses vying for online business, it has become more difficult to attract potential customers. With Ecommerce SEO Services, your online business can rank higher in relevant searches and gain more online visibility. lenkaate is a trusted Ecommerce SEO Agency that provides top-class SEO services that translate into generating organic traffic to your website and increase your online revenue through higher conversions.

Enterprise SEO Services

Our Enterprise SEO Services To Boost Online Growth

Enterprise SEO Services have complexities of its own. Keeping the size, scale and the website architecture with thousands of pages, Enterprises do need an enhanced and more strategic SEO approach that can help them stay at the top of SERPs. lenkaate has experience providing enterprise SEO for large businesses. This experience helps us understate the complexities involved, like the organizational structure, conflicting priorities, and goals between the various divisions. We use a data-driven approach to work with these various internal departments to minimize the friction and create a strategy that would fit in the existing framework of organizational goals and deliver results.Corporate SEO would involve complete competitive search result analysis, Performing Keyword research, off-page link building, analysis of the code and structure of website, fixing technical issues, online reputation management etc.

Link Building Services

Link Building Services to Expand your Business Outreach

SEO Link building services are essential in ensuring that your business ranks higher in search engines. Your website’s backlink profile is one of the most important aspects that enable you to achieve a higher SERP ranking organically. Having quality backlinks indicate search engines that your business website is trustworthy. lenkaate offers the best link building service which includes outreach initiatives to niche bloggers, PR outreach that helps enhance brand visibility, and secure brand mentions. We provide you a customized link building strategy that would boost your website traffic and rankings in SERPs

Google Penalty Removal

Using Google Penalty Removal Services to Recover Search Traffic

SEO services entail many activities that improve the chances of your website to rank higher in the SERPs. However, sometimes people violate Google guidelines and often use wrong practices to get increased traffic. This is something which Google refrains you from doing and often raises a penalty if your site uses these Black Hat SEO techniques. A penalty often leads to either your website being no longer listed in SERPs or sudden decrease in rankings and traffic. Such penalties would definitely damage your online reputation as well. The important step towards redeeming this situation is to act quickly and prudently. This is where lenkaate, a Google Penalty Removal Company offers its expertise and help you recover from any of the penalties and get you out of danger.

Spam Backlinks Removal

Recover Website Rankings by Removing Spam Backlinks

Is your website suffering from a fall in the rankings lately? Spam backlinks could be one of the reasons.Backlinks help a website to gain traction and to rank higher in searches. However, over some time, these backlinks can become obsolete and start hurting your website rankings. Google actively engages in identifying spam and low-quality links and issues penalties, which affect the performance of the website on Google searches. It is imperative to identify and remove spam backlinks.lenkaate offers a complete suite of Spam Backlink Removal services, wherein we engage in a deep dive of your website profile as part of the Backlink Audit to identify and remove bad backlinks.We utilize automated tools and manual reviews to do a complete check and revive our SEO profile to improve the website’s rankings.

Citations & Social Signals

Create Great Citations That Help Your Rankings And get Social Signals At Great Prices.

Every citation is submitted to multiple drip-indexing services. and We send you a detailed report after your citations have been submitted for indexing . All our social signals packages are a healthy mix of Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest signals. Our processing times vary depending on what’s ordered. Signals are dripped over a natural period of time, and each order is delivered with a report.

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What Makes lenkaate Different From Other Digital Marketing Agencies?

Make your website SEO-friendly. Get more traffic to your website with the help of our AI-focused SEO strategies.


In-depth Research for Better SEO Understanding

We at lenkaate carry an in-depth Research for having a better understanding of our client’s goals. This is imperative before conducting any SEO implementations and it is the pillar that holds the entire campaign execution. We start the process by giving an in-depth SEO questionnaire to the client asking for all the basic requirements.

This is the research that we carry for better SEO understanding:

  •  Client’s Goals and Objectives
  •  Market & Target Audience Research for Strategy Creation
  •  Full Competitor Analysis
  •  High-Quality Keyword Research

Analysis of SEO Metrics

Once the research work is done, Our SEO team sits together to have a proper understanding of all the client’s data as to where the client website stands both organically and geographically. For an SEO Agency before creating an SEO strategy it is very important to have a look at the SEO metrics first so that we know where the loopholes are and what all can be fixed for higher online visibility.

Below are some of the SEO metrics that we analyze before creating an SEO strategy:

  •  Traffic Analysis: Because relevant traffic is what we work for, we analyze how and from where the traffic is coming.
  •  Backlink Analysis:Analyzing the Quality of the backlinks, source from where it is coming and how it is helping in increasing the authoritativeness of the website.
  •  Content Analysis: Looking for Content Duplicacy or thin content issues, finding and updating old content.
  •  Competitor GAP Analysis: Having a closer look at competitors SEO metrics for understanding what all SEO strategies are contributing for better traffic and visibility.

SEO Strategies to Get You on Page 1

After performing all the required SEO research and analysis, this is where our SEO Agency brainstorms for innovative SEO Strategies that can be beneficial for our client’s long term growth. We believe SEO is not a onetime thing; it is a process that keeps getting better if we work on the right website optimizations. A well-defined Advanced SEO strategy is what gets the clients high-quality leads and conversion-ready prospects.

After that, we identify the target audience as it is very important in building the right strategy. This makes it easy to research the keywords that the audience is searching for.

As a result, we segregate the audience on attributes like Demographics, Geographic location, pain-points, income, etc.

Our SEO strategies are created after in-depth market research and analysis, ultimately leading to increased website visibility, online growth and better SERP rankings.


SEO Optimizations for Higher Organic Traffic

Creating a well-defined SEO strategy is what takes us to the position that we deserve. After successfully creating a strategy for our client’s online growth, our SEO team gets going with all the optimizations.

Our Digital Marketing Agency works on all types of SEO optimizations like On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, Local SEO, Link Building, handling and creating online reviews, Reputation Management and etc. We carry the required optimizations for more enhanced growth of our client’s business. Our SEO Agency also keeps a regular check on the relevant metrics to see if we are heading in the right direction or any modification is required in the SEO strategies.


Complete SEO Data Tracking

Because Tracking is what keeps the SEO strategy intact. Therefore, Our SEO Agency provides you with all the information regarding goal completion and what is yet to be achieved. This helps us in knowing whether our efforts are working in the right direction or not.

Our SEO Company keeps track of the following metrics:

  •  Organic traffic: How many users have come while searching for your business.
  •  Keywords Ranking & SERP positions: On what keywords your business is showing and how the targeted keywords are performing .
  •  Engagements:How many interactions the user has done with your business
  •  Goals: What goals are achieved and what are yet to be accomplished.
  •  Conversion Rate: % of users who got converted.

SEO Reporting for Online Growth Measurement

For any SEO Agency, reporting is very important in SEO as it tells us whether the investments are paying off or not. In order to keep a track of all the details, we try to maintain a systematic SEO report showing the optimizations that we have worked on and all the technical issues that we have fixed. This gives the client a walk through our entire SEO process that we have performed.

Therefore, to sum it all, our SEO Agency creates a Monthly Performance Report (MPR) that is transparent and easy-to-understand including the following parameters:

  •  Date of Execution
  •  Keyword Strategy
  •  Google SERP Rankings
  •  Full Traffic Source Insights
  •  Clients Goals Achieved

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