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Who We Are

Lenkaate is a company specialized in providing many important digital services that serve customers of all segments, whether they are institutions or individuals. we establish your online Website, store, blog and mobile app in a professional manner that remains in the minds of  your customers, and other services such as Branding & Visual identity, Motion Graphic videos, Voice Over and many other services you can check on our site. We have helped many clients and website owners to provide everything they need to launch their own online business.

Lenkaate Company Services

We offer integrated service strategies for each of our clients and we have a specialized and professional team to carry out your business in a distinctive and professional manner.

Website Hosting & Servers

Our managed hosting guarantees unmatched performance, reliability and choice with 24/7 support that acts as your extended team.

web Development

Design a professional website, store and blog that is compatible with search engines with the latest programming technologies.

Google AdWords ads

The first in search results, the most visible, this is what you will get from our management of your advertising campaign on Google

Content Writing and SEO

They say “we have finished writing the content” and we say “we have checked the effectiveness of the content prepared for you.”

Video & Animation

Production of an impressive videos and animated content for our client’s marketing message is what we are really excel at

Graphics & Design

At Lenkaate, We have some of the best conversion designers in the world. We design projects to look better and convert more.

Social media

Whether you want to create a trademark or to develop your own business, we in At Lenkaate, want to help you succeed.

Mobile apps development

At Lenkaate, We help you build and design your mobile app that suits your customers needs whether it’s IOS or Android.

Why should Lenkaate be your first choice?

Lenkaate has many features that make it the first choice to carry out all your work in a distinctive and professional manner.

You speak, we listen

As a digital services company, we strive to understand our client’s business objectives first. Then all decisions are made with these goals in mind.

We value integrity

We believe in honesty, integrity and honesty with others. We won’t sell you anything you don’t need, and we follow the workflow diligently to achieve your goals.

We stick to deadlines

We know that time is money in business, so we set realistic deadlines (for ourselves and our clients) and stick to them, as we constantly interact with our clients.

artificial intelligence

In Lenkaate, we use the latest technology and tools based on artificial intelligence technology, whether in the field of programming or digital marketing

WordPress Experts

At Lenkaate, We build our sites with the best content management software (CMS), which allows our customers to professionally manage all the content on their sites and we train you for free to do so.

We create amazing designs

We chose innovation in design, but we have no room for ready-made designs. Our goal is to position your company as a prominent player in your industry and outperform all competitors with attractive and expressive designs.

Support all payment methods

At lenkaate, we provide you with all payment methods, starting with bank transfer and payment by electronic wallets such as Vodafone Cash and others, as well as PayPal and other electronic banks.

Geniuses only

Only experts and geniuses join us, as we have strict rules that are applied during the selection of a member of the work team before he joins us, so no one works on our clients’ projects unless he has long practical experience

Our best partners are there to help!

We are proud that we were partners in making part of the success of our wonderful partners and we are happy that we made them happy!

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